26th International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra


The ACA Scientific Committee has approved the sessions listed below. The aim and scope of each session are available on their respective websites (once these become available). For submitting an abstract of a talk to the respective ACA session please use the available LaTeX template.

Special Sessions

S1. Algebraic Geometry from an Algorithmic Point of View
- Organizers: Cristina Bertone and Francesca Cioffi

S2. Hybrid Symbolic-Numeric Computation
- Organizers: Robert M. Corless, Mark Giesbrecht, George Labahn and Leili Rafiee Sevyeri

S3. Computational Differential and Difference Algebra and its Applications
- Organizers: Vladimir Gerdt, Alexander Levin and Daniel Robertz

S4. Effective Ideal Theory in Commutative and non-Commutative Rings and its Applications
- Organizers: Michela Ceria, André Leroy and Teo Mora

S5. Computer Algebra Modeling in Science and Engineering
- Organizers: Alexander Prokopenya and Haiduke Sarafian

S6. Symbolic Computation MMXX
- Organizers: Dongming Wang and Bruno Buchberger

S7. Computer Algebra in Coding Theory and Cryptography (CACT)
- Organizers: Edgar Martinez-Moro and Irene Marquez-Corbella

S8. Computer Algebra for Geometry and Combinatorics
- Organizers: Anton Betten and Fatma Karaoglu

S9. Machine Learning and Computer Algebra
- Organizers: Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos

S10. Polytopes - Algebra - Computation (PAC)
- Organizers: Gizem Sungu and Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos

S11. Computer Algebra in Education
- Organizers: Michel Beaudin, Michael Wester, Alkis Akritas, Noah Dana-Picard, José Luis Galán García and Elena Varbanova

S12. Algebraic and Algorithmic Aspects of Differential and Integral Operators Session (AADIOS)
- Organizers: Moulay Barkatou, Thomas Cluzeau, Clemens Raab and Georg Regensburger

S13. Symbolic Summation and Integration: Algorithms, Complexity, and Applications
- Organizers: Carsten Schneider and Eugene Zima

S14. Algorithmic Combinatorics
- Organizers: Hao Du, Christoph Koutschan and Ali Uncu

S15. Algorithms for Polynomial System Solving and their Applications
- Organizers: Ryoya Fukasaku, Yosuke Sato and Tateaki Sasaki

S16. Symbolic and Exact Linear Algebra over Rings and Fields
- Organizers: Mark Giesbrecht, Armin Jamshidpey and Eric Schost

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